My Digital Presence

When I google my name, a profile on Research Gate (which I use for academic resources), an honor roll from my middle school that was printed in a local newspaper originally, and 2015 president’s list for a community college I took classes at during high school. The primary reason I do not show up more is because I spell my name a different way than it’s spelled legally for personal use. However, even when I google my name with this alternative spelling the only thing that comes up is an Instagram post – but not mine. My sister’s post (a photo of our grandmother) that I commented on. It likely comes up in the google results as my sister’s is a business account, while mine is private. I think these results reflect who I am because I am a private person who prefers to keep my personal and professional life separate. This relative lack of online presence can be seen as a good thing because there is nothing negative for potential employers or anyone else to find. Until now, I have deliberately kept my online presence limited. However, I failed to consider that having no online presence may also hinder my prospects. Therefore, I think having a website related to my academic pursuits will be a positive addition to my online presence, as it will provide something for potential future employers and schools to see (if they google me). I do also plan to create a LinkedIn account for this purpose, as well as networking for jobs and internships, though I have yet to. I believe creating a website and a profile on a popular networking website like LinkedIn will be beneficial to increasing my online presence in a positive way. 

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